How much do you know about the link between sleep and adolescent mental health? How do you feel about school day start times?

This project is part of a collaborative project with the Sleep, Circadian Rhythms And Mental Health in Schools (SCRAMS) project, funded by an MRC Engagement Award.

The study measures the general public's knowledge level regarding the link between sleep and mental health and their attitude towards changing the time UK schools start in the morning. Participants complete a short psycho-education task to see whether being provided information regarding sleep and mental health influences their views on school day start times. Participants also give their opinion on any potential obstacles for changing school day start times. Participants will complete a follow-up study within three months to see how their knowledge about the links between sleep and mental health and their views on school day start times have changed. 

The first part of the project is being conducted by Iliana Koukaki, an MSc Psychology of Mental Health student at the University of Edinburgh and supervised by Dr Stella Chan. The follow-up study is being conducted by EVA researchers. We will post a summary of the findings on this website when the study is complete.

You can take part here.

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