Project Soothe is a collaboration between a team of Clinical and Developmental Psychologists based at the University of Edinburgh. Our mission is to develop a bank of soothing photographs that can be shared with others to improve mental health and wellbeing. We believe that Project Soothe is a unique and innovative project that combines world-leading research with public engagement.


Our goal is to learn more about the everyday experience of self-soothe. We hope to achieve this by inviting you to send us photos that make you feel soothed. We will then post these images on our website gallery and collect feedback from viewers about whether these images make them feel soothed too. These images will then be combined into a large bank of photos for use in future research and psychological therapies. All of the images are provided to us by members of the public around the world, such as yourself.

There are several strands to Project Soothe, including Young Citizen Scientists and Project Soothe Global.

To read more about Project Soothe please see our main project website.

To read about Project Soothe Young Citizen Scientists and the wellbeing tools young people have developed please visit the website dedicated to this project.

To read more about Project Soothe Global please see our project website.

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